We are building a portfolio of
Digital Transformation companies
focused on developing strong
long term returns
We are actively investing in a range of UK Technology Companies that we can help to achieve consistently
high returns in the medium to long term. Join us & be part of something bigger.
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Building a Group of Technology Companies

We are acquiring Technology focused businesses right now. In 2023 we expect to have acquired businesses with combined turnover in excess of £50m and net profit of circa £6m. We forecast a combined turnover in excess of £100m by 2025 which we will use as a powerful platform for growth.

We want to speak to you if you are considering selling your business (either a full exit or a stake) or you would like to join the group that we are building.

Option 1: Full Exit

Sell 100% of your business. We are looking to wholly acquire profitable, well run businesses up to £25m annual turnover. We can move quickly & acquire 100% of your business.

Perfect if you’re ready to exit now

Option 2: Partial Exit

This option is ideal if you’d like to take some cash off the table now as well as benefiting from the upside due to a higher multiple later. Typically we look to acquire a majority stake of your business now & your remaining shareholding allows you to achieve a higher valuation upon a future capital event.

Cash now & upside on Flotation

Option 3: Join our Group

A fast, simple, light touch approach for larger businesses (£25m+ annual revenue) who want to be able to participate in the float without selling a stake right now. Upon flotation we will take a minority shareholding in your business.

For larger businesses (£25m+)

Building a Platform for Growth

We are building a global group of best in class businesses across a range of digital disciplines


We see the opportunity to bring together a group of synergistic Tech focused businesses to form an enlarged group. Each business remains standalone to retain its independence but can cross share opportunities, develop Intellectual Property, benefit from economies of scale and enhanced buying power as well as being able to point to a larger balance sheet when bidding for larger contracts.


Typically a standalone business with less than £2m annual EBITDA will achieve a much lower multiple in a private, individual sale than you would expect as part of a larger group with annual profits in the £10’s of millions.


We will also have easier access to capital – it’s much, much easier to raise cash in a large, profitable group vs being a private business. It’s a process that takes days instead of months. We can then leverage this to drive an acquisition based strategy and bring more businesses into the group.

About The Team

Tony Messer

Tony is a proven entrepreneur & investor with over 30 years experience in sectors ranging from Banking, IT Services and web hosting. Tony has experience starting, running & successfully exiting from a range of businesses. He set up Palander Investments with Pilar as a vehicle to build a group of best in class Digital Transformation businesses.

Pilar Torres Wahlberg

Pilar is an action oriented Entrepreneur and Investor having set up, run and acquired a number of B2B companies in sectors such as Web Hosting, Accounting and Recruitment over the last 20 years. She has recently exited from one of her earlier businesses & is focused on creating a global group of Digital, IT and professional services businesses through Palander Investments.

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    We want to speak to you if you are considering selling your business (either a full exit or a stake) or you would like to join the group that we are building